"This book challenges us to examine our purpose and principles - and bravely lead from our hearts. The world is in great need of The Serving Leader."

~ Cheryl Bachelder, CEO, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

About The Book

It's people who make organizations great, so how can leaders best help their people achieve that greatness? As Ken Jennings and John Stahl-Wert show in this new edition of their bestseller, you can't just demand greatness - you have to inspire it.

While Jennings and Stahl-Wert use a compelling fictional story to outline the basics of Serving Leadership, all the characters in it are based on real people, the organizations depicted are based on real organizations - and the results they achieved are what really happened.

This edition features a new foreword by Ken Blanchard, a new introduction, and a new chapter checking back in with Mike, the main character, to see what he has learned in the twelve years since he embraced Serving Leadership.

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By Kenneth R. Jennings & John Stahl-Wert

Praise For 'The Serving Leader'

  • "When I was looking for a teachable way to transform leadership and culture at the Cleveland Clinic, I chose The Serving Leader. It started a transformation that continues to today."
    ~ Joe Patrnchak, Trustee at Greenleaf Center For Servant Leadership
  • "Bringing The Serving Leader into Industrial Scientific underscored the core disciplines that fuel our success - growing our people, raising high standards, and providing a compelling purpose for deeply worthy work."
    ~ Kent McElhattan, Chairman and Co-founder of Industrial Scientific Corporation
  • "The lessons shared in The Serving Leader showed our executive team the importance of leading by serving our employees. This was a new orientation for us, and it has transformed both how we work together as a leadership team and how we lead our individual teams."
    ~ Bill Valle, President of Fresenius Medical Services
  • "The Serving Leader provides a new road map for leaders looking to achieve outstanding results. The principles are applicable to any organization and can transform the way people relate to one another in service to the greater goal."
    ~ Richard Lovering, VP of Human Resources & Organizational Development at AtlantiCare
  • "Today's marketplace is hungry for books and guides that can support leaders with practical advice on how to grow their influence, engage their people, drive superior results, and add greater value. What sets The Serving Leader apart is that it shows how to achieve all the above - and at the same time serve the highest good."
    ~ Ken Blanchard, Author of the NY Times Best-Seller The One Minute Manager

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About Kenneth Jennings

The Serving Leader

Kenneth R. Jennings is a best-selling author, speaker and active consultant in organizational leadership. Ken counsels senior leadership teams at many healthcare, technology, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology organizations.

He advises healthcare and integrated delivery systems on mission-critical projects while helping them build leadership skills. Ken has most recently worked at The Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, Accenture, Fresenius Medical Care, Texas Health Resources, and Intermountain Healthcare.

The heart of his leadership philosophy is "putting servant leadership to work." With his partner and wife, Heather Hyde, Ken founded Third River Partners, which provides leadership development and change management services, while helping leaders adopt a serving others approach.

About John Stahl-Wert

The Serving Leader

John Stahl-Wert is a best-selling author, speaker, and expert in growing great leaders. He touches the hearts of thousands of people from around the world through his highly praised books, keynote addresses, collaborative workshops, and work helping organizations bring out the very best in their people.

John serves as president of Newton Institute and director of its Center for Serving Leadership, providing services that enable individual, organizational, and community transformation based on the five actions in The Serving Leader. His passion is to build a worldwide community of serving leader practitioners.

John is co-author of Ten Thousand Horses; The Serving Leader for the People of God; author of With: A True Story; and author of a weekly blog on serving leader principles.


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The Serving Leader

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This is the most practical guide available to implementing The Serving Leader - on a deeper level, it is a book about the personal journey of growth that real leadership requires.

Great organizations are great because they're filled with people who freely choose to do their very best. It's a simple concept yet stunningly hard to execute. Jennings and Stahl-Wert show leaders how to earn that kind of commitment.

You qualify to be first by putting other people first. This concept leads to extraordinary outcomes, and The Serving Leader shows precisely how and why.

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